Week 4 Project: MultiMedia Video Resume

I’m so glad to be able to do assignments for school that help me at work. I took the format suggested to me by the Portfolio 4 instructor and updated it. 15-30 second spots for different projects. Each was a minute or more in the full length web versions, but it is good to show how they can be cut down for TV length spots. Hopefully I don’t lose points for going over the 60second suggested max time. I have had a teacher get strict on me about that before. I will probably add a couple more projects to this before I send it out to actual clients.

Week 4 Reflection: RISE Self-Evaluation

This assignment was helpful to reflect on what I have learned in this class. I really enjoyed the Google Maps assignment, the professional network assignment, and more. I wish I had more time to devote to some of the assignments, but I already work in video production and time is limited.

Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

This exercise was great for me. Right off the bat I noticed something I could have done better with my presentation. I am about to interview an assistant/apprentice for my company, and this peer review showed me how I could have played that side of the mock interview better. It also reminded me that I need to revisit the goals section of the notes I made while preparing to write my business plan.

My peer review is on the mock interview from LaTroya Reaves. The person immediately behind me in the alphabet hasn’t posted a mock interview. So I went on to the next person.

The first thing I noticed is how deep she went with the role playing right off the bat. I think that was a brilliant decision, and it kind of made me feel like my own submission was inadequate. I just went into briefly asking a question in my mock interview. For people that want to be upwardly mobile, playing the role of interviewer is helpful. We all want to be able to hire people below us at some point, and I think the opening of this video did a great job of presenting that side of the equation.

I also like very much the description of supporting management in her current and past positions. That shows an ability to work with a team and gives management confidence that an employee can be relied on when tasks need delegating. I really like how descriptive she is with her duties in everything from assisting with power point presentations and financial reports to working with office supplies and building staff to make sure the office is running smooth. She has positioned herself as a key operator that helps everyone else do their job well. Adding in the near completion of the MCBS degree shows great initiative to multi-task while working at the same time. It also shows motivated initiative for personal and professional growth.

I thought the answer on wanting to get more creative could have been stronger. I felt the answer was only vaguely referring to exploring creativity. Perhaps the answer could have been more affirmative. Something such as, ‘the Media Communications Degree program I am about to complete has taught me that I have a lot of creativity waiting to be unleashed onto the business world. This position is a perfect place to allow me to do that.’

I did notice that there were a lot of ums and ahs. She noted the same in her improvement remarks. I think it is great to be so self-aware that this needs improvement. I think some of that nervousness may have to do with being so focused on creating an elaborate production for this assignment that it became a chore to remember the answers. In theory, the answers would flow more smoothly in a different setting. I suggest writing down [typing out] some career past experiences along with future goals and dreams. Then revisit that document as often as you can think of new information, time permitting of course. The more comfortable and confident you are in what you are wrote the more smooth it will flow when you speak about all of those goals, dreams, and experience. It is a similar exercise to this video, without the need for elaborate production.

Week 3 Project: Mock Interview

This is a good practice activity to prepare for interviews. Although I do not plan to interview for anything anytime soon, I am planning to hire an assistant/apprentice for my company. So this exercise still has value for me, but from the other side of the equation. Reviewing the sample questions and answers provided was really insightful. I really like the answers provided for the ‘why are you leaving your current/previous job’ question. To me, the answer to that question is very high on the list of most important answers to get right. Focusing on the bigger challenges ahead is a great approach. Never bad mouth a prior employer.

Week 3 Analysis: Company Questions

1. Will there be a team of editors, or will I be the sole editor responsible for game commercials?

This question is important to me so I understand if I am working alone or with a team. This determines how large the work load is. It also warrants a discussion on what the editing style is of the other people if there are any. What are their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to editing? Who is in charge of making final decisions? Will it be a division of labor in sections, or each responsible for different aspects mixed throughout the project?

2. Will there be a VFX-motion graphics specialist assigned to work on the project, or will I be responsible for all elements of the project?

Many of the same questions above apply. However, I am an editing specialist, with some knowledge of VFX-motion graphics. It will help to be honest about the limitations of my skills in this regard, and to articulate that for best results a dedicated person with expert level skills should be assigned.

3. Will it be a collaborative story boarding process for the game commercials, or is it all management decisions handed down to the editors to implement as ordered?

This question is important to understand how much creative input I will have in the development of the projects. This also helps me determine if my opinions are going to be valued as an employee, or if they are just looking to use my skills to churn out commercials according to dictates.

4. Do you expect a steady stream of games coming out that require commercials, or will there be future opportunities to work in other departments for editing other content when game commercials are coming out at a slower pace?

This question allows me to gauge the potential for growth and expansion to other work within Sony’s many departments. It also is a test to see what the pace of game commercials will be. If the answer is that there will always be work in game commercials, that makes me feel more secure that the position is solid.

5. If and when a creative clot happens, what is the policy and available facilities for stretching out, letting loose, and recharging the mental batteries?

This question lets me know what type of working environment and culture they are cultivating. This also opens the door to what type of break room facilities, food provided, and other amenities they offer. I did my best to frame the question in a way that benefits the work by allowing my mental batteries to recharge with the implication that would get me back to work.

Week 3 Exploration: Company Research

This activity is helpful to stay on top of what Lightpost Digital does for its clients. It helps me identify how we complement each other with the services we provide to Lightpost’s clients. It is also a reminder that their sales team is now my sales team at no additional cost to my company.

Week 2 Exploration: Building a Target List

This assignment was a good exercise in organizing a job opportunity list. I can think of a few other reasons for it as well. Especially on a video production that has multiple locations. This will make it easy to keep a crew informed. For this assignment, I like the ability to customize and add details, especially the links to the job listing. Still not something I need anytime soon, but very important to know for the future.