Week 1 Exploration: Tool Review

I got sick over the weekend being out in the rain wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  So instead of looking and sounding ridiculous on a video for this project, not to mention making my sore throat worse, I am going to have to just type out my answers for this assignment.

I chose Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, both production tools.  I chose them because I need to be able to update my own marketing materials as well as to be able to offer a more complete package to my clients beyond just video services.  I have had an Adobe Creative Cloud account for a while.  Now I need to call Adobe to find out about merging the one I get from Full Sail with my existing account so I am not double paying for it.  It’s a bit of a concern for me as I have spent a lot of money accumulating a variety of after-market plug-ins for Premiere Pro and After Effects.  It is $50 per month retail for the Creative Cloud membership.  In a professional setting I can use Photoshop and Illustrator to make flyers and posters for musicians, and marketing materials for business clients.  I have subscribed to a stock image database that has a lot of artwork as well as brochure templates for me to use as a foundation to jump start this service offering for me.  That way I do not have to be an artist to make creative materials.  I am really just getting started so some of the last questions in this assignment are hard to answer.  I would say so far I have found the frame blending features in Photoshop to be very beneficial.  That allows me to take a texture or background, drop in different art, icons, or logos and blend them together to make something new.  I simply don’t know enough yet to make a recommendation on what features should be added in an updated version.


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