Week 1 Analysis: Businesses & Blogs

Describe how the three blogs are alike.

All three blogs bring together a diverse set of information that attempt to keep the reader interested.

Describe how the Science World and Dollar Shave Club blogs are similar to each other, but different than the Full Sail blog.

These two blogs bring together some scientific information for use in our daily lives.  Dollar Shave Club has some interesting articles like “How Often Should I Go Number Two”, “Is Sweat or Deodorant Responsible for My Pit Stains?”, and more.  Science World has an interesting article on a certain type of apple not turning brown after it is sliced titled “Ever Wonder About Apples Going Brown?”, then there is “Ever Wonder About Rear Window Wipers?”, and more.  The Full Sail blog seems much more geared to being a portfolio site with less practical application information.  Although I did find the occasional post such as “Scale Like You Mean It: Best Practices for Designing a Responsive Website”.

Describe how the Dollar Shave Club and Full Sail blogs are similar to each other, but different than the Science World blog.  This is a bit tricky.  Honestly, I don’t really see much similarity between these blogs.  Dollar Shave Club is a bunch of random information, much of which has nothing to do with what the company actually does.

Describe how the Science World and Full Sail blogs are similar to each other, but different than the Dollar Shave Club blog.  Science World and Full Sail actually cover the topics their parent companies are about.  Science World has a lot of science info.  Full Sail has a lot of media info.  Dollar Shave Club does not have much in the way of shaving information.  There is at least some bathroom info, but then it gets into 529 college savings, and French fries.   While some of the information they provide is useful or entertaining, I think they risk sending the reader so wildly off the topic of shaving that they allow the reader to forget why they came to the Dollar Shave Club site in the first place, and losing that reader as they navigate away from the starting point.

Describe what makes the Science World blog unique.  It seems to be a pretty unique approach to making science interesting by examining things that people do or use every day, and the science behind those things.

Describe what makes the Full Sail blog unique.  It is an interesting focus on Full Sail’s place in the entertainment and media industry.  By examining the careers of other Full Sail grads, current students can be inspired to reach their full potential by knowing that others have turned their education into a career.

Describe what makes the Dollar Shave Club unique.  It takes a comedic, and sometime disgusting look at some things that happen to people all the time, but are a bit taboo to talk about.  Yellow stains in the armpits of shirts, and how often should a person poop are not exactly proper things to discuss at parties.


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