Week 1 Project: My MCBS Story

Before I started the MCBS Program I was focused only on making business marketing videos for some of my own clients and as an independent contractor for Yelp, with the occasional concert or music video coming along.  Many of my clients were asking me if I offered any other media or marketing services.

I had always thought I wanted to work in the music business managing bands.  But then in about 2010 I realized how unreliable musicians can be, and I needed to diversify my game plan.  I knew I had the resources and contacts to come back and work on music projects again, but at that point I had to move on to other opportunities with more consistent pay.

Because of that, I took the skills I started to learn making music videos and parlayed that into making business marketing videos for some of my own clients, and as an independent contractor for Yelp.

Because of that I realized that there is a lot of opportunity for me to offer graphic design, press kit design, and other marketing and media services to my business and music clients.

Because of that I have focused my efforts on learning skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more.  As well, I made it a point to reinvest the money I had been making from producing Yelp videos into new gear.  I bought my own 2300 watt 3 point light set that can be easily transported for on location shoots.  I also invested in two more HD cameras with some unique qualities.  One is 4k resolution capable with a very versatile 25-400mm f2.8-f4 lens.  The other new camera is one of the only DSLRs that shoots continues video like a camcorder, up to 240 minutes straight.  As well, I bought the HP Z420 work station with the Adobe Creative Cloud, and some aftermarket plug-ins, to bring my media production capabilities up to a higher professional level.   To shorten the learning curve, I also subscribed to stock video, stock audio, and stock image databases.  These sites have allowed me to fill in some gaps where my skills are lacking such as music and sound effect production, and graphic design.  As well, I can also add some elements like aerial shots and other stock video that would otherwise be beyond my resources.

Until finally it all started to come together in a more complete package that I am able to offer.

And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media as an independent company called DBS Entertainment Productions http://www.DBSpro.biz.

For the classmates portion of this assignment, I have been following the blogs of Danielle Kelly, and Josh Lundholm.  I can relate a bit to both of them as they described what they were doing before joining this program.  Danielle as a mother and Josh in construction.  I also took a bit of a curvy road to get to where I am now.  Although, I got into this program after I had figured out this is what I want to do.  I am here to shore up my foundation and expand my skills to take advantage of the business opportunities available.  Like Josh with his desire to work for Blizzard Entertainment, I have done a lot of research of what jobs and clients are available, and the skills required to land them.  I have done my best to tailor my plan for education accordingly.  In three years I should have completed the MCBS program and the Masters in Instructional Design and Technology here at Full Sail.  As well, I plan to get a certificate in video production from UCSD to take those skills to another level.  I also plan to keep working while in school, and my goals is to have 200 marketing videos in my portfolio by the time I am done with my master’s degree.

The image below is of my first flyer/poster I have done for a client.  I got the rasta character smoking on the beach from a stock image database, then I used Adobe Illustrator to write the band name in a vectored format, and Photoshop to put it all together.

NI Flyer web 2.0


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