Week 2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

Full Sail:
There is a broad range of content broken down well in a whole host of Full Sail boards.  From Hall of Fame boards, guest speaker boards, degree specific boards, food near campus boards, and so much more.  The boards support the Full Sail brand by presenting a picture of college life and beyond for Full Sail students.  Everything a student or potential student would want to see is there: from campus life, to future career potential, and amazing guest speakers.  It does a good job of telling the Full Sail story to the audience through pictures so students can visualize the path from student to professional.  It does a good job of showing you the tools that will be provided to give the student the best chance at success.

Dollar Shave Club:
Dollar Shave Club has an interesting mix of the products and packages of products they sell, along with some topical and random memes in an attempt to be funny.  Some of the images are direct support for the brand by picturing the actual products that they sell.  Some of the pictures are of slogans or meme’s that support the brand.  The picture of a shaver in a tennis net with the words, “Slices, good for tennis, bad for shaving,” is an inexpensive way to make their advertising interesting.  They also have some random sayings that seem off topic, like the Bukowski quote about peeing in a sink.  This page does a pretty good job of directly engaging the audience with their product content.  However, like their blog containing random content, this page is risks sending the viewer so far off topic that they forget why they came in the first place.  Although, I will say that this page keeps it closer to the line and has not yet strayed as far as the blog with its talk of 529 college savings, how often a person should go #2, etc.  It did just occur to me that since Dollar Shave Club sells One Wipe Charlie’s, the blog post about how often a person should go #2 seems more relevant to their business.  Still there were a number of other random topics, like French fries, on the blog.

Science World:
The content on the Science world Facebook page is an interesting mix of video, pictures, and graphic designs.  This content supports the brand by being a central advertising point for everything they do.  There is a link to the content on their website to the story about apples, a video showing some behind the scenes science training, a picture of their staff, ads showing when an on-site lecture is taking place, and so much more.  They have brought together just about every type of engagement a user could ask for.  There is written, audio/visual, and a variety of calls to action so the person viewing the Facebook page can show up in person for a lesson, or link to their website.  This page is put to very good use that stays on mission for what they are trying to get done on every level in the real world and on the web.


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