Week 3 Exploration: Mobile App Review

There is just too much going on at my house today to make a decent video, so I have to just write this out.  That is part of the perils of living with three roommates in college.  Anyway, as a video professional in my daily life already, I do not recommend doing very much important work on a mobile app.  Especially for video or voice recording.  You may get some brainstorming notes down, or a tone of voice you want to use, but that is about it.  I did find a pretty good looking app for storyboarding.  Shot Designer, by Hollywood Camera Work LLC looks like a pretty handy app that allows you to animate your shots, add camera placements, make shot lists, and more.  The project can be shared with the team via Dropbox.  It is a free app.  However, a desktop version can be purchased with an upgrade.  As a tool for pre-production, this looks like a very smooth way to streamline the production process and keep a project on track, and all the players informed all the time.  Some of the reviewer are saying you really need the premium version to unlock all the tools a professional needs.  However, they all seem to say the pro version is worth it.



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