Week 3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

The Full Sail video is an excellent recruiting tool.  It tells the story of the student starting to work with production equipment from day one.  It does a good job of showing the studios that the students will be working in, as well as some of the high end equipment.   As a video guy, seeing the camera raise up on the crane on the Full Sail back lot is really impressive.  Having done research on RED cameras, among other high end gear, that clip makes me wish I had time to be in the film program on campus.  Then the video takes the viewer into the post production lab, and does a good job of explaining the contribution from Apple in solving the need for being able to render video in Final Cut on a mass scale.  Really well done video, but I would expect nothing less from Full Sail.

The Dollar Shave Club video for One Wipe Charlie’s has to be the funniest video I have seen in quite some time.  It’s a really good video for announcing a new product, and giving a vivid and rather graphic explanation of the value in the new product.  Personally, I prefer Huggies One & Done baby wipes as a less expensive and better quality product.  However, for those men too macho to admit that baby wipes are better than One Wipe Charlie’s, this commercial would probably be very appealing and convince a lot of people to give them a try.  The part about ‘buried treasure’ with him scooping out dingle berries between mounds of dirt shaped like a butt had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.  This video deserves an advertising award.  Pure genius.

The Science World video I see little value in.  It looks like the people lip synching had fun, but there was almost no attention paid to the actual exhibits.  As well, there were some points where the production value of the video itself was so bad it was painful for me to watch.    Right from the top the rapid and unsteady motion of the camera turned me off.  It got a bit better as the video went on, but overall I thought this video was a complete waste of time and money for a museum.  I have no idea what compelled the to make this video, but in my opinion they would have been better served having a good looking teenage girl give a guided tour of the museum.  Perhaps they could have included some hands on footage with the host of the video using some of the actual exhibits they think would be most appealing to their target audience.


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