Week 3 Project: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices Challenge

Sarai used VSCO cam Adobe Photoshop express on her iPad to take the pictures I used in the video.  I ended up using Premiere Pro for editing after all efforts at mobile app usage failed.  I go into full detail in the last question below regarding the challenges of this project.

  • What was your role in the team?

    I handled the voice over and the video editing tasks.

    What did you contribute?

    My voice, and my editing skills

    What surprised you about the challenge?


    What are you most proud of?

    I have just about perfect my timing for clip changes on beat to music.

    Was it indeed a challenge? Why or why not?

    It was a challenge to coordinate with a team whereas I am use to just doing everything myself.  As well, it was impossible for me to make the mobile app situation work with files sent to me from Sarai.  I tried several ways and means.  However, I do not have a tablet, and my phone was one of the first 4G capable phones so it is a couple years old.  It would not download the files Sarai sent and allow me to use them in an app.  Then I tried to use a program called Blue Stack which makes Windows laptops able to use Android apps.  It’s good for games and a few other things, but it fails in more technical things like this video editing.  It also failed me when I tried to get it to apply the Panasonic image app that would have allowed me to remote control one of my cameras by Wi-fi on my lap top.  For this project I tried using Magisto, VivaVideo, and Video Editor video editing apps, and none worked properly through Blue Stack.  In the end I used Premiere to make our video.


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