Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

Technically Danielle Kelly is after me in the alphabet, but she does not have a week 2 assignment posted.  My peer review is on Josh Lundholm.   I relate to Josh’s digital story because I also treid my hand at several different things before I landed where I am today.  I had provided benefits to union members, along with selling them life insurance, along with several other non-media jobs.   I am wondering if Josh has considered his backup plan if Blizzard Entertainment does not happen to be hiring immediately after Josh graduates from Full Sail?    Are there other companies that interest you that are similar to Blizzard?  Perhaps that could be a stepping stone to gain experience while keeping an eye on Blizzard for openings.  I also recommend looking into the Public Relations Master’s degree at Full Sail as a way to increase your knowledge and pad your resume as you apply for jobs.  I think Josh’s plan for switching from on-line to the on campus program is pretty smart and can increase the opportunities for gaining experience as I have noticed a number of productions that take place on campus at Full Sail that Josh can work on.  The Mojo Brands Media Internship Program looks perfect as they have a Media Communications need.  I am sure there will be more opportunities that come up for on-campus students as well.  I wish I was able to spend some time on campus, but I am in San Diego, and can’t relocate to Florida at this stage of my life at 38 years old.


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