Portfolio Project Mission Statement

I wrote this mission statement in the context of my company as everything I do for school and work is dont with the goal of expanding DBS Entertainment Productions so it can sustain me professionally, personally , and financially.

DBS Entertainment Productions is an entertainment services company dedicated to artist development, video production, and much more. DBS believes in helping people’s dreams come true.  As a video creator for Yelp advertisers, and through our own clients, DBS has seen many different people’s version of the American Dream.  It is these business owners that power America, and we take pride in helping them showcase their products and services to the public in the best possible way.   For musicians, having videos to share on the web is an important tool in today’s industry.  They can help musicians build a fan base, a foundation for touring, and can easily be sent to industry executives looking for new artists to work with.

Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Gary Jacobs, DBS has worked with businesses from mortgage brokers to car washes, and more.  As well as artists across the spectrum of musical genres from singer/songwriters to drum&bass DJs, and reggae rock to hard rock, metal, and punk bands…

DBS is in the process of expanding on several levels to include cinema grade cameras, extra lights, and much more on the video side.  In addition, DBS will soon be offering business and musicians more complete marketing packages to include graphic design for business cards, flyers, and posters; as well as writing press releases, bios, and company profiles.


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