Portfolio Subject Selection

What is the name or title of your subject?

DBS Entertainment Production – www.DBSpro.biz

What is the nature of the subject? Provide a description or bio – for my project’s purposes this is best answered with a restatement of my mission statement from last week.

DBS Entertainment Productions is an entertainment services company dedicated to artist development, video production, and much more. DBS believes in helping people’s dreams come true.  As a video creator for Yelp advertisers, and through our own clients, DBS has seen many different people’s version of the American Dream.  It is these business owners that power America, and we take pride in helping them showcase their products and services to the public in the best possible way.   For musicians, having videos to share on the web is an important tool in today’s industry.  They can help musicians build a fan base, a foundation for touring, and can easily be sent to industry executives looking for new artists to work with.

Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Gary Jacobs, DBS has worked with businesses from mortgage brokers to car washes, and more.  As well as artists across the spectrum of musical genres from singer/songwriters to drum&bass DJs, and reggae rock to hard rock, metal, and punk bands…

What is the subject’s main purpose or goal?

To provide a wide array of marketing services and media production for clients.  The goal is to assist our clients in creating visual representations of their products, services, or music in the best way possible.  DBS also plans to offer written marketing materials soon as well; to include company profiles, executive bios, press releases, and more.

What are the subject’s core values?

DBS Entertainment Productions believes in helping to make and sustain different people’s versions of the American Dream.  DBS strives to form relationships with clients to better understand their business, and to empathize with their business goals in order to create proper visuals for their customers to relate to.

Who is the subject’s intended audience, members, or customers?

The intended audience is small to medium sized business owners needing marketing videos, graphic design, as well as written material such as company profiles, executive bios, and press releases.   Upon completion of my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology, DBS will begin offering training videos and other eLearning material to clients.   For musicians DBS aims to provide live concert video, traditional music video, and video press kit services.  DBS will also soon be offering written band profile, bio, press release, and other services.

Does the subject have any specific symbols or logos?

Yes, DBS has a logo.  As DBS has evolved out of just working in the music business, the acronym needs to be redefined from the original Drums Bass Singer.  A few ideas have been tossed around, but sadly, some of them are already taken.  Those include Dream Big Studio, Digital Brain Studio, and more.   The front runner as of now from the remainder of untaken ideas in consideration is Digital Beast Studio.  If that is chosen, I would have a professional artist start drawing beast concepts.  Possibly with a TV screen or a camera in place of the head.  The TV screen concept could have an image of a beast’s head in the screen.

Is the subject associated with any particular color or color?

Blue is the chosen color for DBS thus far.  The cool presence of stability that color implies is exactly how DBS should be thought of.  The contrast also pops off quite nicely on a white background, which has the added bonus of being the same colors as the Israeli flag.  I have my sights set on DBS working as a part time reporter for Jspace, a widely popular Jewish news and culture site that has over 700,000 likes on Facebook.

What do you see as the subject’s greatest media needs?

The biggest needs for DBS are a company profile video and a sizzle reel compiling highlights from the variety of videos already done to this point.  As well, the written company profile needs a bit of work.  Once the new definition of the DBS acronym is decided upon, accompanying artwork will also be required.


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