DBS Print Poster White 4.0rgb DBS Print Poster White 5.0rgb

In the first ad the concert picture with logo is dominant, and I consider the combination of the two to be the singular dominant element of the ad.  I chose this concert picture over many others as the lights contrast nicely with the DBS logo I added to it, and it is a wide shot of a big production concert.  Although the blue DBS logo is right at the edge of standing out from the purple color between the beams of light. The yellow, white and orange beams of light provide a nice split complementary color scheme with the blue logo.  The beams of light also act as leading lines within the picture to notice the logo.  There are also lights as leading lines that point down to the lower section.  In that lower section, I used the guitar being played [the sub-dominate element] in a watermark style so it wouldn’t be so bold as the original image by lowering the opacity.  I also used the quick selection tool on the original to isolate the guitar and the hands from the original black box it came in.  As for the emotional element, I went with visceral as this ad appeals to the social status of going to a big production concert.  There is also a bit of behavioral as it addresses the practical need for every musician to have the three essential music video categories to support their band: live concert video, traditional music video, and video press kit…with the ability to promote music videos in a campaign.  There is also a bit of the reflective element in needing all this music video work for long term career benefits.  The picture of the big production concert provides proof.   The  text in the lower section is the subordinate element.

Link to original guitar image:

The second ad I just want some feedback on.  I made that one more for print as the first will not come out well in cmyk.  The purple light between the yellow, white and orange beams turns to blue and blends too much with the DBS logo.  In that ad, the picture is dominant, the block of text is sub-dominate, and the logo is subordinate.  The same choice of color scheme applies though.


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