Content Strategy

My fictitious business is a taco truck.  The first lesson I would apply after reading the provided documents is in the persona category, and how that translates to the location list provided.  Everything looks good with SDSU, UCSD, and Gaslamp.  However, the Hotel Del Coronado is a 5-star hotel that starts at about $350 a room per night.  That is not the right target customer persona.  Those people are eating filet, kobe steaks, etc.  I like the voice and tone they are going for, and how that appeals to particular personas.  There is a strong yet compassionate tone, especially with the anecdote about the history with the Peace Corps leading to organic food and fresh caught fish.  That fits right in the coastal communities in San Diego.  Maybe not so much in the party atmosphere of Gas Lamp and the million dollar condos that have been built all over down town.  Then again, even lefties like to party in downtown every once in a while.  A content audit would check most of the needed boxes.  Social media is at least listed, the news reel covers a lot of local events, and does a good job of allowing the taco truck to ride the coat tails of the events it will be at.  The surf dog competition, and the underwater robot event are great targets for the taco truck.




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