Content Management Systems (CMS)

I chose as my platform.  I have experience using Wix for my company DBS Ent. Productions.  After a lot of trouble trying to find a person to make me a site based on WordPress templates, I found Wix.  Their drag and drop system is so easy to use I could not believe how fast I got my own site up.  I had spent more than a year [and lots of money] working with others on failed website projects.

I chose a blank template for this project because Wix makes it so easy to customize a site.  You can add video players, photo galleries/sliders, or anything you want.  Then you just have to stretch and skew the size however you want.   Plus you can grab any item and drag it exactly in the place you want.  They even have these alignment tools that pop up when you are moving things around, just like photoshop does.  That way you can make things look level or aligned with other items on your page.   I just love everything about Wix.  I have already dropped in some photos on my Reel Deal Tacos site for this project, and it should be really easy to add the blog, map, and other features I described in my site map and wire frame.



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