Portfolio Site

My portfolio site is my actual business website DBSpro.biz.  My company is DBS Entertainment Productions, and I mainly work in video production.  I started out working directly with musicians, then did some video work for them.  When the economy collapsed in 2008, I realized I needed to parlay those video skills into another revenue stream beyond musicians.  Now I work mostly as an independent contractor for Yelp and their advertisers.  While the videos I make largely end up on Yelp, I am allowed to use them on my own website.

I generally let the videos speak for themselves, and do not get too fancy with the aesthetics of the website.  I have seen some interesting templates on Wix.com that I may be interested in for future reference, similar to what the Groovy Like A Movie company did for their website.  They were one of the companies I chose for the portfolio inspiration assignment.  For now, I am very happy with my site the way it is.  Especially since I had such a hard time getting other people to make a WordPress based site for me prior to finding Wix.com.  I leverage my site by word of mouth, and passing out business cards to develop new clients either outside of Yelp, or as side projects from business owners I meet through the Yelp system.  The videos on my site is the strongest attribute.  I would love to develop my photo section more, but I get hired so much more for video I haven’t been able to justify doing any thing with photos for a while.  I started out with DSLRs that are hybrid cameras which can do both photo and video.  I am at the point now that I have purchased two legit cinema level cameras.  One is the lowest end legit cinema camera on the market, that specializes in low light with a compact form factor -the Sony A7Sii with all the bells and whistles to record uncompressed 4k resolution Apple Pro Res 422.  The other is the RED Scarlet W, which I just finalized the purchase of [costing more than my car].  It is a 5k resolution RAW file output, with complete frame rate control from 1-150fps.  That means I can do super slow-motion, or fast motion like Mad Max Fury Road.

Bottom line, I need to focus on my work product more than getting too fancy with my website for the moment.  My main goals are to upload better and better videos to my site, so I can get better jobs.  At some point down the road I will upgrade the layout of my site to be more like Groovy Like A Movie’s.

The other thing I really need to do is graduate Full Sail so I can add my degree info to my site.  Less than a year left to go.


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