Week 1 Practice: Branded Professional Touch Points

email : DBSproductions@gmail.com Soon to be changed to match my website through Gmail for business. Gary@DBSpro.biz

Gary Jacobs
DBS Ent. Productions

Basic wordpress doesnt accept audio files. So I loaded it to Youtube.

DBS Entertainment Productions was founded in 2009 by entertainment industry professional Gary Jacobs. Gary produced his first video in 2008, but grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by the entertainment business. Having visited many TV and Movies sets growing, and having been on television twice himself, Gary began his career with an existing eye for framing a shot an audience won’t forget. Gary’s career includes the production of over 250 marketing videos for a wide variety small and medium sized businesses, and dozens of concert videos for musicians signed to record labels.

Gary received his Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University. He also has two professional certificates from San Diego State University; one in Marketing, and the other in Digital and Social Media. As well, Gary has completed a variety of high end Hollywood training programs, including REDucation by RED Digital Cinema Cameras. DBS owns a RED Scarlet Weapon, Sony A7Sii, along with all the lights, mics, equipment, and skills needed to make a great video.

Business card:


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