Week 1 Project: A Tailored Resume

This was an interesting exercise as a starting point for me. I did not have a preexisting resume because I have my own company. As well, the results I got for the Jobscan site were a bit misleading. While I can do a better job of using more key words, the site misread the job title as “Special Projects”. In fact the title is “editor”. I think perhaps the format I used to make the resume did not allow everything to copy and paste as the system would have liked to scan properly. For future reference I should likely copy and scan in one section at a time. This scan site also recommends 750 words for a resume, yet the Lynda.com lesson specifically shows an example of a resume just like the one I did that is much shorter and to the point. I have done 250+ video projects in 3 years, if I really started getting into the proverbial weeds on them I could type forever. Much better to list the top couple recognizable names like Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate, and Mitsubishi Motors. Then the employer can ask me for more details in an interview.

I did have a bit of trouble with the formatting. I could not get MS Word to erase the second page. Trying to do that was incredibly frustrating and wasted a lot of precious time.. I think when I take it over to my editing computer in a day or so I can use Acrobat, or even Photoshop to eliminate that.

image (2)


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