Week 2 Practice: Networking Events & Organizations

Networking Event: CineGear Los Angeles.

Cinegear is a multi-faceted industry event that features the latest in cinema equipment, master classes, as well as special screenings. Since I am a RED Cinema Camera owner myself, I closely follow the Facebook posts of RED CEO Jared Land. RED decided last year not to even attend NAB in Vegas anymore because Cinegear LA had become such an amazing event. Part film festival, part gear demo, and part networking event. It also helps that my parents live in Los Angeles and I can stay with them for free. http://www.cinegearexpo.com/

SD Media Pros is a professional networking group for people in all facets of video and cinema production to get together, learn from each other, and enhance the local industry in San Diego. This group meets once a month, always with a different purpose in mind. I have already attended several meetings of this group. There was an audio production meeting where the presenter, an Emmy Award winner, went through a variety of different set ups he uses in different circumstances from TV productions in a studio environment to more run and gun event production. There has been an editing event with both a Premiere Pro and and Final Cut expert giving presentations and taking questions. There was even a meeting with a writer from the hit TV show Major Crimes. As I graduate school and look to find time to work on my passion project, a more objective documentary on Edward Snowden than anything out so far, this group will certainly help fill out my production team. https://sdmediapros.org/


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