Week 3 Analysis: Company Questions

1. Will there be a team of editors, or will I be the sole editor responsible for game commercials?

This question is important to me so I understand if I am working alone or with a team. This determines how large the work load is. It also warrants a discussion on what the editing style is of the other people if there are any. What are their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to editing? Who is in charge of making final decisions? Will it be a division of labor in sections, or each responsible for different aspects mixed throughout the project?

2. Will there be a VFX-motion graphics specialist assigned to work on the project, or will I be responsible for all elements of the project?

Many of the same questions above apply. However, I am an editing specialist, with some knowledge of VFX-motion graphics. It will help to be honest about the limitations of my skills in this regard, and to articulate that for best results a dedicated person with expert level skills should be assigned.

3. Will it be a collaborative story boarding process for the game commercials, or is it all management decisions handed down to the editors to implement as ordered?

This question is important to understand how much creative input I will have in the development of the projects. This also helps me determine if my opinions are going to be valued as an employee, or if they are just looking to use my skills to churn out commercials according to dictates.

4. Do you expect a steady stream of games coming out that require commercials, or will there be future opportunities to work in other departments for editing other content when game commercials are coming out at a slower pace?

This question allows me to gauge the potential for growth and expansion to other work within Sony’s many departments. It also is a test to see what the pace of game commercials will be. If the answer is that there will always be work in game commercials, that makes me feel more secure that the position is solid.

5. If and when a creative clot happens, what is the policy and available facilities for stretching out, letting loose, and recharging the mental batteries?

This question lets me know what type of working environment and culture they are cultivating. This also opens the door to what type of break room facilities, food provided, and other amenities they offer. I did my best to frame the question in a way that benefits the work by allowing my mental batteries to recharge with the implication that would get me back to work.


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