DBS Sizzle Reel Assembly Cut

This is the assembly cut for my new sizzle reel. I have some big decisions to make on how this is going to go. The original sizzle reel had one unifying song, and I used some of the audio of the business owners talking in the various sections. With the assembly cut, it’s easy to see that some of the videos were done to their own specific songs in a music video style. The Black Rose tattoo video was a painstaking process with each cut on the exact beat for that song. Cutting every second of a video is tedious, and it also gives it a particular character. I will have to see if it can be transferred to another song. Similar thing with the El Cajon Mitsubishi video. I am likely to add footage from a couple other videos like a wedding, a concert or two, and more…before the end of this class.